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Aurora's Blush owner Vanessa Nicole learned the art of engraving in 2012. After spending countless hours practicing her passion at her home studio in Austin, Texas, she continued to build upon her unique style: bold, eye-catching hand engraved designs with a trendy esthetic yet timeless elegance.

"I want to create handcrafted art at a price that everyone can embrace and afford; something that doesn't get punched and assembled out of a factory- sometimes never even touched by human hands. I believe that everything tangible holds and houses energy, and there is an abundance of love and care I put towards every piece I make. Each pendant and charm I hand engrave has been completely designed by me from start to finish: from the original sketch drafts of every design, to the metal shapes I create and hand engrave one by one, sanding, polishing, and framing of every pendant or charm, and finally, bringing these elements together to make a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

"I believe that everything tangible holds and houses energy"

As a hand engraving artist I am often inspired by henna and tribal patterns. I love gemstones, druzies, and crystals, and I try to implement them into every collection. Self-expression is so important, and I feel grateful to be a part of that discovery for others and myself through the art of jewelry.

I am motivated by the process and the simple act of creating. The fact that for centuries we have felt moved to harness ideas that begin in our imaginations and thus come to life by our own hands is so captivating to me. I love having a design in my mind that I want to create, and then rising to the challenge of actually making that dream come to life. Jewelry is such an exciting medium because it is recognized and celebrated as art, but you get the extra bonus of wearing it as a little treasure wherever your journey takes you."

-Vanessa Nicole